Friday, April 17, 2009

Farewell, McShane

Last night, the eldest dog member who attends our neighborhood nightly dog get-togethers, was put to sleep. For the past several months his health had been deteriorating quickly. His back paws curved under from arthritis and it was hard for him to hold up his backside. He had his days and nights mixed up and had numerous other problems. His Owners took great care of him and haven't had a full night's sleep in almost a year. But you would never know that he was hurting during the 30 minutes each night as we get all our dogs together to fetch tennis balls, Frisbees and run around on our "dog park" (golf course).

Mac was our elderly leader. All the younger pups greatly respected him and stayed out of his way. When he would start to collapse, Tucker, Petey and Wrigley would run over to check on him, then go back to playing. Mac shot them a look that said, " I can handle myself just fine, thank you." And besides, Mac was way too busy seeking dog treats from all the humans. His favorite treats came from Gretchen, but would beg from all us as he made his way to Gretchen.

We will miss this special dog. He reminded us to be our best each day, no matter what is ailing us or what predicament we have gotten ourselves into. Just like Mac, everyday, we must remember to pull ourselves up and search for what 'treat' we desire in this life.
Thanks, Mac.

Here is his final night for a "Cheers to Mac" with his dog and people friends who loved him so very much:


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wrigley and the Concrete Easter Bunny

Poor ole Wrigley. What, with another holiday and holiday decorations, comes new fears and anxiety for our golden retriever puppy.

I placed this concrete bunny out on the ledge by the pool the other day. At first, Wrigley was scared of it. He growled at it and barked loudly to let the rabbit know who's boss around here.

Then, he got up close and noticed the little Easter basket sitting next to the big bunny.

I had placed two concrete lemons in the basket, mainly to keep the basket grounded and not swimming in the pool. But Wrigley, being the eternal optimist, wanted to investigate further to see if they were edible.

But his big ole block head got caught in the handle and he was not able to get his mouth on the lemons.

Wrigley and the Easter Bunny are now good friends. He likes to sit up there on the pool's ledge in the early mornings and soak up the sun together with his new friend.

Just wait to see what I have planned for the backyard for the Fourth of July! I think Wrigley will get a 'big bang' out of it!