Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Good Season for the Kitchen Chairs

Chicago Cubs get sweeped in 3 game series! I am in shock still. I have no words (at least that will be allowed on my blogger/Google agreement) to describe this miserable ending to what was supposed to be the best since 1908.

It was definitely a terrible ending to this most promising year for the Chicago Cubs. I go away for a few days to see my middle son at his College's Parents Weekend and we lose 3 games in a row and just like that...our season is over!

On days when I need to be away from the house and Wrigley is home alone I often leave the television on, especially when there is a Cubs game scheduled. He actually will sit and watch for long periods of time. However, it is not such a good idea when they are losing, because he starts to chew on the rungs of my kitchen chairs. This weekend proved to be disastrous for the Cubs and Wrigley was not at all happy.

The kitchen table and chairs were given to my Mom and Dad as a wedding present and then when I got married in 1980, they were passed down to me. The kitchen table is in good shape and may be able to be passed down another generation. The chairs, I am afraid, are not going to make it past Wrigley and the 2008 baseball season.


June said...

Sounds like you've found a great Christmas idea!

Lisa Eshelman said...

I think you should keep the chairs for your Dodger Fan Friends to sit in. Wrigley knew what he was doing.

Nicole Bandes, The Card Eagle said...

Hubby's family came into town for a wedding this past weekend. They live in Chicago. Hubby had a good time rubbing in the demise of the cubbies.