Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wrigley Delivers the Goods

I know you are all waiting for an update on the findings in Wrigley's poo, so here goes:

Yesterday, his droppings included one earring stud minus the stone, a broken golf tee (the sharp end), a colorful beaded child's necklace and part of a shredded, red Tupperware top, oh and some noodles. No pink razor yet.

I'd like to put in on record that we do feed him dry dog food twice a day. He loves it; it takes all of 45 seconds for Wrigley to consume 2.5 cups of food each feeding. Still, who could resist a little sparkly jewelry for a midday snack? I think he's really going to miss Laura when she returns to college next week with all the yummy taste treats lying around in her room!


Lynilu said...

LOL! What a diet!!

Julie!! said...

similiar situation in my house. the only difference is my dog, Addie, got a hold of my son, john's, backpack which I guess had a sharp object in it and poor Addie had to go to doggie hospital for the night. I guess John forgot about the rules in our house... I was just happy everyone stayed alive

June said...

Wrigley would have a ball with my kid's bedrooms