Monday, October 31, 2011

Why Do Dogs Whine?

Why do dogs whine?  I am pretty sure my golden retriever whines because he knows that it drives us crazy.  He whines for treats.  He whines if we don't feed him enough.  He whines when he wants to go on the morning walk and thinks we are going to sleep in instead.  He whines every Saturday morning until he sees us getting ready to go out to breakfast....taking him along of course. He whines to go outside, then whines again to come back in!

If I get high blood pressure, it will because of my dog's whining.  But, sometimes, I think he might be in pain or has a stomach ache, and I think I should feel sorry for him.

When my children used to whine, I knew exactly what to do and I would never have allowed that type of behavior, so why is it different with my dog?  Am I getting soft...or lazy?

All I know, is that I could use the Dog Whisperer right now.  I don't know how much more whining we can take around here!
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