Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Baseball Crush of the Year

Spring training games are underway and I already have my first crush of the year. Yes guys, that's what we do at the who we will be following just a little closer than the other players.

His name is Michael Eugene Fontenot and never mind that he was born just days after I graduated from college! That's irrelevant. He plays for the Chicago Cubs, the best team this year! He's from Slidell, Louisiana and went to LSU for college. He's about my son Jon's height and my husband's weight so it all feels familiar. I think it's kind of cool that while he bats left, he throws with his right hand. And he apparently likes playing on Fridays, because yesterday he homered, tripled and drove in four runs to boot. Not bad.

You want a picture? Okay, here he is (on the left) messing around with Zambrano before the game:

Isn't he cute? And guess what his salary was in 2008? $405,000. I think he deserves a raise, for goodness sakes. Don't worry, I've got your back, Mike. I'll talk to the Chicago Cubs management for you.
See you next game...

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