Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whining to the Love Sounds of the Humans

"Are You Done Yet?"

Wrigley's started a new habit in our house. About four months ago, he started to sleep on the floor in our bedroom. He actually sleeps in the foyer area but it's open to the main area, about ten feet from the bed.

Wrigley is a very vocal dog. He sounds like he's whistling or whining and the tune is rather soulful sounding. I think it is in a minor key. Sometimes it rather cute to listen to and sometimes it can be very annoying. Up until recently, I thought he was making these sounds to get our attention. I use to think he was saying, "get off that flippin' computer and take me for a walk" or "I need more food, please". Now, I am not so sure.

This past week, every day we were in bed, doing human sexual things, he began to whine or whistle. I think he's trying to drown out the sounds of passion. Which is making us laugh. In fact, during one session when things got loud, Wrigley sat up and basically howled like a coyote right along with us. The minute we stopped, he stopped too. I guess you could say it's a threesome in a wholesome, empty nester sort of way.

Poor pup.


Ron Centeno said...

Hahahahaha! that's really funny! how do we call that then? Doggish threesome? Happy Valentines!Thank you for dropping by. I'm really honored.

Nicole "The Card Eagle" Bandes said...

The only thing more annoying than that is when the dogs sleep IN BED with you and decide to figure out what that smell is while you are in the act. Not that I know because it has NEVER happened to me. I just heard...