Monday, August 11, 2008

“Reasons why Wrigley could be the Cubs Physical Mascot”:

1)He looks a lot like a young bear cub.

2) He loves hot dogs. We use hot dogs to train our dog to sit, drop, crawl and "wait-sit" (has to be said as one word or else it doesn’t work!);

3) Unlike Billy the goat, he doesn’t stink. I take him to this little boutique pet store and they wash and fluff him up and he comes back smelling awesome. (He doesn’t care that you might be calling him a sissy right now because he doesn’t mind going and getting nonstop doggie treats!)

4) I would never put a curse on the Cubbies if Wrigley and me were asked to leave the ballpark for any reason. We would just go somewhere, get a hot dog or two and watch the game somewhere outside the park.

5) I think Wrigley (our dog) and Ronnie “Woo Woo” Wickers would get along great!


Jenny said...

I totally agree. Hmmm... Hot dogs for training... I will have to try that with our puppy!!!

Julie!! said...

I completely agree!! Sign him up!