Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wrigley is getting Neutered!

Wrigley is enjoying his last few days before he gets neutered. Of course, he’s really just enjoying these few days without any knowledge of what’s in store for him. That’s the joy (or the demise) of being a suburban house dog.

As a pet owner, we make all the important decisions for them and even if we “discuss” these decisions with our pets, we do it in a language they do not understand. Some of these decisions are necessary (“time to get your toe nails clipped”), some are optional (“you get to spend time at the boarder’s home while we frolic on the beach for a few days”) and worst of all is the heavy-hearted decision whether your pet should be put down (“would you like a piece of salmon before you get put to sleep?”)

A man came up to me last week at Kashman’s Place, an outdoor café that allows dogs, where Bill and me were sitting with Wrigley. He was admiring how beautiful the dog’s coat was and what a perfect shaped head he had, when I blurted out that Wrigley was scheduled to go in for his neuter operation this month. The man frowned at me and said, “You should at least let him a little fun before you cut off his ability to have some attractive offspring!” WELL, how the heck do I do that? Do I let him loose on the streets of North Scottsdale some evening, free to roam and find some babe to hump and do the dirty? Do I call a friend and ask her to bring her dog for a “play-date”, only tell her this is really more of a real date? Or, do I tell our breeder (who actually has the rights to his offspring) that we would like to let Wrigley have the experience of fornicating once before he gets neutered?

I think I will obsess about this for the next seven days, right up to the drive to the veterinarian’s office. Meanwhile, Wrigley is happily chewing on a small tree branch that has fallen from the tree just outside of my office.


Jenny said...

Haha poor little Wrigley. But I do have to agree with that man. He does have a perfect coat and perfect head!! I'm sure Wrigley will find a way to have "fun" once he's neutered.

Julie!! said...

I wish that I had a Kashman's that I could take my dog to. How did you find this place?