Friday, September 5, 2008

Cardinal and Brewer Fans Quick to Predict Cubs Fate due to Zambrano's Injury

Apparently the Chicago Cubs are doomed all because of yesterday's MRI results for Carlos Zambrano. The test has concluded that he does have a right rotator cuff tendinitis and inflammation. And true, for this weekend's game in Cincinnati, Carlos will be replaced by Sean Marshall. For sure he'll miss that start and the whole town of St. Louis is already praying that he isn't throwing yet for the game coming up on Wednesday. But, Jim Hendry, General Manager for the Cubs is anticipating that Carlos will start the series with Houston. What the Brewer and Cardinal fans fail to understand is that a little pain and injury is not going to deter the Cubs from winning the World Series at this historic 100 year anniversary.

Carlos will take his little shot of medicine and have the doctors take all kind of precautions to reduce the inflammation and he'll be just fine. The history books and the movie (I hope) will remember this bump towards the championship as a minor incident. I can see it now, in the movie, the Brewer fans are all sitting in Steve's on Bluemound (a cool local bar) all giddy and cheerful that now they have a real chance and they make toasts to Zambrano for helping out their weaker team, but then the music changes. The group looks up on the television that's located above the bar and who do they see walking out to the pitchers mound, but Zambrano himself. There is no indication that he is favoring his right leg at all. He goes on to win the game and stays in to the 7th Inning and the group drowns the sorrow in the beer.

You see when destiny is involved, no rotator cuff tendinitis or painful inflammation is going to get in the way of winning for the Chicago Cubs. I suggest Cardinal and Brewer fans to be careful what they say and how they act for the rest of the season as it just might become act three in next summer's blockbuster movie.

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Cheesehead in AZ said...

He is going to be pitching this week correct? And didn't they just get Rich Harden back? I think (as much as I hate to admit it) that the Cubs will win the division. I am hoping that the Brewers can get in on the wild card. Their closer, Eric Gagne, is not good now that he is off the "juice". Chris Keune