Monday, September 22, 2008

The Good, Bad and the Ugly

The emotions ran the full gamut this weekend all because of three different teams I happen to enjoy following.

First the Good:
The Chicago Cubs cliched the National League Central Title! Only one other time in the Cubbies history have they achieved this title two years or more in a row, back in 1906-08. This is the first step on our way to winning this year's World Series and it could not have happened to a nicer group of guys. We were at a tailgate (see below) when we heard the good news. Everyone around started hooting and hollering and screaming, "Go Cubs". This is really 'America's Favorite Baseball Team' now and (almost) everyone would love to see this team go all the way. (The picture above is my daughter and my puppy, Wrigley, both big fans of the Cubs). IT'S GONNA HAPPEN.
Now the Bad:

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Green Bay Packers, 27-16. This just isn't supposed to happen. I hated that the Cowboys won at Lambeau field. What makes this so bad to me is that it feels like the Cowboys are taking the status of 'America's Favorite Football Team' back from the Packers and that me very unhappy. Even if you've never frozen your butt off in Green Bay or watched season after season of Favre supreme quarterback madness, you probably secretly wanted to be a cheese head and own one of those cheese head hats. And, I am old enough to remember when everyone loved the Cowboys and those idiotic cheerleader costumes. (Back then, I loved the Washington Redskins, so the Cowboys were never on my fave list). Let's hope this love affair does not come to fruition.

And Finally the Ugly:

You guessed it: Arizona State University loses to Georgia 27-10. This was supposed to be like the game many years back when we were not supposed to beat Nebraska, but we did. We jumped the fence and pulled down the goal posts (not my finest moment), and it was fun. Having just lost to UNLV last week, all loyal ASU fans thought it must have been a fluke. Now, we do not know what to think. But, sitting out in 100+ degree weather, tailgating and looking like sweaty pigs is not my idea of fun. One interesting comment: leave it to the gorgeous Georgia female fans, they looked fabulous and I don't think they were even sweating. Unfair.

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The Stiletto Mom said...

Beth, you are a PACKERS FAN??? OMG...I love you even more!!! I live in Dallas, hubs is a die hard Cowboys fan (and I'm a fan as long as they don't play the Pack). I totally understand now why I liked you from the get go. :)