Monday, September 1, 2008

I Have a Slobber Dog

Early on, we realized that Wrigley was going to be what we lovingly call a “slobber dog”. You know the type; always drooling around the mouth. It’s most prevalent when he’s around other dogs, food or people; in other words, most all the time.

At nine months old, we took Wrigley to stay with his Breeder and Mom while we hosted a graduation party for my daughter in our backyard. My sister came out for the party and when we picked him up, the breeder proceeded to tell us that he slobbers a lot and that she’s always glad when the dogs she selects to keep aren’t one of the slobber-type dogs.

During my last visit to the veterinarian’s office, I asked the assistant if there was anything we can do to curb this slobber problem, like Botox or a medicine, and she looked at me like I was nuts. I think the problem is getting better as he matures. And maybe it’ll be better now that he’s been neutered. Does anyone out there have a slobber dog and have any suggestions or ideas to help Wrigley with his slobber problem?


Anonymous said...

Personally I like slobber dogs. I have two. They make my husband crazy which, in turn, makes me laugh. Our first slobberer would shake her head and we would all duck. I know that sounds disgusting, but is was slobber of LOVE!!! You see only big dogs slobber, and I love big dogs. Little dogs are too scared to do anything other than shake!! (I think I've just opened a can of worms.) Can't wait to see the feedback on this comment.....Susie

Jenny said...

Haha I have a gutter dog. She loves to run in the gutter when the water is flowing down.