Thursday, September 4, 2008

Talk on Presidential Politics just like Cubs vs Cardinals talk

Some of the nastiest, vile discussions take place everyday online and on you tube videos about the Cubs versus the Cardinals. The rivalry between the two teams is fierce. No one really hears what the other side is saying and nothing positive could possibly be said about the other team for fear of retribution from other fans. The same can be said for the discussions taking place regarding this year's Presidential elections.

The you-tube examples I wanted to insert here would clearly violate my blogger agreement to their terms and conditions of decency and proper content, but trust me you can find them yourselves. Actually, if I was clever like zsasz2969 with making you-tube videos, I would take one of the Cubs/Cardinals ranting videos out there and put in their place, pictures of the silly CNN news anchors like Campbell Brown or Jack Cafferty. It would be hilarious.

It's the beginning of September and I'm already getting miffed over being treated like some dumb moron that can't understand policies and party platforms and the reality of compromise politics needed to get anything approved in Congress, no matter what your stand was before elected. Miffed isn't a strong enough word; more like I'm mad as hell! Even uneducated people who have little access to books and the internet probably hate being talked down to. (Okay, let's see, one candidate will give me change and the other will have experience...hmmm). Candidiates, please have some respect for the American public you will be working for!

(INSERT Scream)

As far as the discussion between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals, it's a no brainer.... Cubs win. Go Cubbies!


Warner said...

I can't get too excited about baseball - a result of growing up overseas, I guess. But for me, the topic of presidential politics is something I get easily wound up over. The slurs, innuendos and untruths that come out of most politicians' mouths for the sole purpose of getting elected are unconscionable to those of us taught to value and respect truth-telling. Say it like it is! Let your 'yes' mean 'yes', and your 'no' mean 'no' . . . hopefully, we'll get more 'straight talk' this time around!

Jenny said...

oh warner... man are we the same. Baseball is my sport. Well i guess softball for girls but I love watching baseball and especially the cubs. Tell Wrigley to keep it coming!!